The Fourth Educational Trip to NASA

On October 1st, a group of students and chaperons went to the United States for an educational trip organised by the Science Center. There was also a five days training program in Johnson Space Center, NASA. The students were selected from 21 different schools in Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan and other parts of the country. The group was accompanied by 3 adults, staffs of the Science Center.

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Brunch with an Astronaut, Space University

Under the Space University program, there comes a day when students are allowed to interact with an astronaut. Astronaut David C. Hilmers was the one who came to meet this group and share his experiences.

Scuba Diving, Space University

Sonny Carter Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory, Space University

Rocket Design, Space University

Mars Rover Design, Space University

Capering Chair, Space University

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