NASA's Exhibit Manager Mrs. Elizabeth Leblanc visits ESCN & tours Nepal

After successful completion of the program 'From ESCN to the Moon' Exhibit Manager of the Johnson Space Center Mrs.Elizabeth Leblanc flew to Nepal accepting an official invitation from ESCN, to a warm welcome. She visited the Science Center and attended different student interaction programmes and talk shows before she visited the country.

The first day was a press-meet in ESCN where she briefed the press about her visit to the country. Second day there was a student talk program in Birat Science Campus, Biratnagar. The following day there was a meet-up with Kindergarten kids in Kids World Montessori School in Biratnagar. The same day there was a student interaction program in the City Hall where more than 600 students from 6 different schools participated. The day after there was a Certificate distribution program held in ESCN in which the ex-employees of the Science Center were presented with a life-time membership. There was a free health camp for locals on the same day. Mrs. Leblanc and the team left for Mirchaiya, the other day where there was a talk show organised by Ram Dulari Higher Secondary School (Govt.). After attending the talk show, the team headed towards Chitwan Natonal Park. After a jungle safari by elephant ride, boat ride and a hike through the jungle the other day the team left for Lumbini, the birth place of Lord Buddha. The other day they left for Kathmandu. There was a science exhibition and talk show organised in Galaxy Public School, Kathmandu. Mrs. Leblanc took the Mountain flight near the Everest in the morning when the peak was at its clearest. After that she was taken around Kathmandu for sight-seeing and after a breif shopping in Kathmandu the same day she left for Houston.

An interview of Mrs. Elizabeth Leblanc during her visit to Nepal.

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