Workshop entitled 'Science Week'

We organised a five-day workshop entitled "Science Week" on June 6-11, 2003. The workshop was conducted with an aim to teach science to school students in a very simple way, using exceptionally low-cost and locally available materials. Varities of very simple science exhibits were well displayed and demonstrated. The experiments demonstrated were all related to the 8th, 9th and 10th standard science text books.

Workshop on Making Science Easier

We organized a workshop entitled "Workshop for Making Science Easier" on Feburary 8-13, 2004 at the Science Center.

Workshop on the road to Science Experiments

We organized a workshop entitled "Workshops on the Road to Science experiments" on Feb 22-23, 2004 at the Science Center. The workshop was organized for different school science teachers and the primary objective of this workshop was to share scientific experiments, views, and ideas to invited school's teachers. A collection of very simple science experiments were displayed and demonstrated.

Farming Literacy Programme for farmers

The Agricultural Department of ESCN organized a three-day training programme on Feb 22-24, 2004 entitled "Farming Literacy Programme" for farmers from five Village Development Committees (VDC) of Sunsari District. The selected participants from each VDC were leading farmers in their communities. A field visit session was organized for the farmers.


We represented Nepal in the Slovenian Science Festival. This was our first participation outside the country.

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