Couple who met on Blind Date in 1988 celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary

Sue and Alex Tatham were the first Blind Date couple to marry in 1991 with 17 million people turning in to watch the ceremony with host Cilla Black also in attendance at their big day

Blind Date’s first ever couple to marry after meeting on the TV show in 1988 are now celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary.

Sue and Alex Tatham first met when the panel came back on Cilla Black’s hit dating show and they have been together ever since.

With October 19, 2021, marking their 30th anniversary, the couple are as romantic as ever as they celebrated by going to a ballet performance of Romeo and Juliet at the London Opera House.

On the 1988 show, Alex also had the choice of Lynne from Middlesex and Kate from Essex, but went for Sue and he had no regrets.

“There was lovely Sue, looking absolutely gorgeous,” he told Metro.

For Sue she admitted that her main concern was over Alex’s height but she needn’t of worried as he stood at 6’2.

She said: “My legs were shaking.

“We had to sit on these big stools and there was this big booming voice coming from the other side of the screen, which sounded charming, and all I could think was, ‘I hope he’s taller than me’ because I have this thing about boyfriends being taller than girlfriends.”

Their first date was in Shannon, in the Republic of Ireland, where they had a medieval banquet and took in the cliffs of Moher.

Then back in the UK neither had any doubts when they were asked on Blind Date whether they would like to see each other again.

“I asked Sue what she was doing for the rest of the day,” says Alex. “We were more than holding hands by the end of the day.”

After two years of travelling to see each other with Alex in London and Sue in Walsall, they decided to get married.

Cilla Black was among the guests as the ceremony was televised in 1991 with 17 million people turning in for the Blind Date special.

And 30 years on they have two children Emily, 27, and Charlie, 25.

Alex says that “laughter” has been a key part in their relationship.

He said: “We’ve had a happy marriage, even though there’s been various things life has thrown at us, but generally our philosophy is to hold hands and laugh at life and it will all be alright.”